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South Texas Marksmanship Training Center instructors have been helping Scouts achieve
their rifle merit badges for more than 50 years. Beginning 1st-quarter 2019, STMTC will be
conducting ongoing Boy Scout Rifle Merit Badge clinics.

Once monthly, we will conduct a weekend riflery clinic.
The early portions of each clinic will be "classroom,"
providing the NRA First Steps Rifle curriculum. The First
Steps orientation shares the basic information
necessary to impart upon the Scout the knowledge
required to attain the academic portion of the badge
requirements. The second half of the clinic each day will
be marksmanship instruction and practical shooting
exercises. During this portion of the clinic, Scouts will be
coached through shooting targets appropriate to score to attain the shooting portion of the
Merit Badge. When a Scout shoots a target adequate for badge qualification, one of our
Certified Instructors will sign and date the target. When a Scout attains the required number
of scored targets, a Scout Merit Badge
Counselor--or parent--can sign off on the
Scout's Merit Badge. Though STMTC
Instructors have been Merit Badge Counselors
in the past, we no longer provide that service,
and the Scout/parent/Scoutmaster is required
to find a Counselor to do so.

STMTC's Scout Riflery Director is an NRA
Senior Training Counselor and NRA Chief
Range Safety Officer. He has been
instrumental in the past, helping the Alamo
Council acquire funds for Bear Creek shooting
activities. Our Instructors have overseen
thousands of Scouts learning to shoot over the
years--and we'd like to help you, too.

For one full day, including both the
academic and shooting activities, cost
to the Scout will be $40. The Scout will
receive NRA First Steps Rifle instruction,
and marksmanship instruction that
includes rifle, hearing protection, eye
protection,100 rounds of ammunition,
NRA Student textbook and certificate.
Range fee is an additional$8, which
goes to the range complex.

For a Scout to attend only the shooting
portion of the clinic, the cost is $25,
plus $8 range fee to the range complex.
That fee includes use of rifle,
100 rounds of ammunition, targets,
instruction and scoring.

Each Scout must have an STMTC
Release of Liability signed by a parent for each visit. All Scouts must be accompanied by a
responsible adult parent or guardian, or other responsible adult with a letter signed by the
parent specifically authorizing the Scout to participate in STMTC's shooting activities.

Scout Riflery clinics will be held at our private facility on the
Black Hawk Shooting Range
complex, near Atascosa, Texas, just outside northwest San Antonio. Clinics will occur on
alternating Saturdays and Sundays each month, except December. Consult the
event calendar for dates. Clinics are limited to 14 shooters per event, so prior registration
and payments are required. STMTC Instructors will sign targets, and an authorized Merit
Badge Counselor must sign formal Scouting documents.

For information, contact or call Fredd Bergman at