STMTC Vintage Military Bolt Action Rifle Match
Saturday, November 7, 2015 at Blackhawk Range

What rifle? Any military rifle, either bolt action or semi-automatic, that was designed before
1950 is allowed (actual manufacture date can be newer).

Examples of eligible rifles:                                         
■ US M1903/1903A3
■ US M1917
■ US M14/M1A
■ German Gew98, K98k
■ Swiss K31
■ French MAS36
■ Swede M94, M96, M38
■ British SMLE Nr1 MkIII, Nr4
■ Yugoslav M24/47
■ Arisaka Type 02/45

Examples of ineligible rifles:
■ US M16 (AR15)
■ US M16 (AR15)
■ AK-47                                                   
■ French MAS51

Fee: $20 adults, $15 juniors

Sign In: 8:00am; help set-up and place targets. First rounds fired at 9:00am.

1.        Iron Sights (original)

2.        Sniper, original/reproduction-to-original-specification, or after-market (after-market
must be non-destructive scope installation, i.e., not drilled and tapped)

3.        Match (extensively modified, e.g., drilled/tapped scope installation, after-market
bipod, apertures, etc.)

Course of Fire: 50 rounds, similar to NRA High Power, but all at 100 yards with NRA
reduced/simulated-distance targets*. All firing is from prone position. Bench shooters
allowed, but not eligible for ranking.
1.        Slow Fire - Two sighters in two minutes; 10 rounds in 10 minutes; target = SR-1C 6.5-
inch aiming black, 3.35-inch 10-ring.
•        Range cold, record score, and paste-over previous target holes
2.        Rapid Fire - Two sighters in two minutes; 10 rounds in 70 seconds; target = SR-1C
6.5-inch aiming black, 3.35-inch 10-ring.
•        Range cold, record score, and place new target
3.        Rapid Fire - Two sighters in two minutes; and 10 rounds in 70 seconds; target = SR-
21C 6.25-inch aiming black, 2.12-inch 10-ring.
•        Record score, and place new target
4.        Slow Fire - Two sighters in two minutes; and 20 rounds in 20 minutes; target = MR-
31C 5.75-inch aiming black, 1.75-inch 10-ring.

Equipment: Required: Eye and ear protection. Optional: sling, shooting jacket, timer, prone
mat, spotting scope, elbow pads, stripper clips, etc.

Ammunition: Target, competition, and hunting loads are allowed. Military issue or military
specification ammunition may be used. Armor Piercing (AP), M855/SS109 Green Tip, or
Tracer ammunition is prohibited.

Front Rest: Allowed for all rifles, but "Field Style" only; for example, sandbag on ammo can
or lumber. Option to shoot slinged-up. No rest or bipod restrictions on bench shooters.

Bipods: For Iron Sights/Sniper – allowed only if original design/issue. No bipod restrictions
in Match category (see above) or for bench shooters.

Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place in each of the three categories.

* Simulated distances of NRA targets at 100 yards:
•        SR-1C = 200 yards
•        MR-21C = 300 yards
•        MR-31C = 600 yards

Contact Vintage Rifle Director at
South Texas Marksmanship Training Center