Stage 1 – 5 sighting shots and 20 shots for record, prone position, slow fire, time limit of 25

Stage 2 – 10 shots for record, standing to prone, rapid fire, time limit 70 seconds

Stage 3 - 10 shots for record, standing to sitting/kneeling, time limit 60 seconds

Stage 4 – 10 shots for record, standing position, slow fire, time limit 10 minutes

Several categories of military rifles may be

used:  As-issued U.S. Rifle, Caliber.30,
M1903 Springfield; Caliber .30, M1917
Enfield; Caliber .30, M1 Garand; Caliber .30,
M1941 Johnson; US Krag, U.S. Carbine,
Caliber .30 M1, Foreign Military, Unlimited
Garand (modified), and Modern Military.

CLICK HERE for photos of our M-1 carbine
Rattle Battle match.

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For information on participating in a John C. Garand Match contact: and South Texas Marksmanship Training Center
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The John C. Garand Match is designed to make
competitive shooting available to many more
shooters by limiting the rifles used in this
competition to “as-issued” military rifles that are
readily available to almost all shooters

The Garand Match course of fire is governed by
CMP Competition Rules and is fired at a distance
of 200 yards. This course of fire is structured to
allow new shooters a way to successfully
compete in High Power using basic
marksmanship training elements and limited
John C. Garand
holding his
namesake rifle , the
Garand M1, cal.
for his story.