South Texas Marksmanship Training Center

1.) “Does STMTC Service Rifle Competition count for meeting the requirements to
purchase a rifle from the Civilian Marksmanship Program?”

Yes. The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) requirements change, but at the time of this
writing, the purchaser must have fired at least 50 shots in a sanctioned match. Our match
includes courses of fire with a total of 88 rounds fired, and all of the Organization’s High
Power Rifle John C Garand Matches are CMP sanctioned.

There are other requirements, including membership in a CMP affiliated club or organization
(such as the South Texas Marksmanship Training Center), that must be met in order to
qualify to purchase a rifle from CMP. Be sure to check current requirements for purchasing
rifles from the CMP.

2.) “Do I have to join the organization to participate in the competitions?”

No, but membership is encouraged in order to support the organization’s IRS 501c3 mission.
Membership is required for participating in special training practices. Some unsanctioned (i.
e. unofficial) “matches” are in fact practices and therefore are restricted to members.
memberships rates are great bargains. Many people spend that much in just one or two trips
to a private range.

3.) “Can a member bring a guest?”

Yes, a member can bring a guest to practice sessions, but each guest can only come one
time. After that, they would need to join to continue using the STMTC range. Non-members
are welcome to participate in all scheduled matches.

4.)“Do I have to have my own rifle/pistol, ammunition and other equipment?”

Each shooter must have their own eye and ear protection!

The Organization has a limited number of AR-15 rifles (they are awesome rifles!) which can
be borrowed for that days match. New shooters are allowed to use the rifles for one match
without charge. Match grade ammunition is recommended, but shooters can also utilize US
factory loaded SAAMI approved ammunition.( “Gun
Show” ammo specials, hand-loaded and most foreign manufactured ammunition can’t be
used with these rifles. Availability of Organization provided ammunition is limited and is only
available when the organization can purchase quantity lots at special low prices, so please
contact the High Power rifle director for availability.

There is also other equipment, such as spotting scopes, which can be borrowed for a match.

The organization has several .22LR semi-automatic pistols that can be loaned, on a first-
come-first-served basis. Contact the pistol director for use of the loaner pistols.

There are some smallbore rifles available by the Organization as well, but they are not
always available. Please be sure to reserve one in advance by contacting the Smallbore
Director, and bring your own ammunition. If organization rifles are not available, check with
some of the more experienced members. Some might be willing to loan a rifle to a
prospective member who appears responsible. Such arrangements are strictly based on
availability and the generosity shooters, outside the means of the Organization.

5.) “Do Juniors have to have their own rifle, ammunition, and other equipment”

The Organization has a limited number of Winchester, Remington and Anschutz 22 rim-fire
rifles for Junior Program support.  Juniors that exhibit a desire to continue marksmanship
training are provided with rifles and other equipment if available. Juniors participating with a
partnering organization may need to provide their own equipment. Arrangements must be
made with the Junior Programs Director in advance. Please contact the Junior Program
Director to inquire about making such arrangements.

6.) “What type of classes and instruction are available?”

The Organization has a cadre of instructors qualified in several different areas in which we
could offer training. Options include marksmanship training in 4H, Boy Scouts, hunter safety,
reloading, safety clinics, and Texas Concealed Handgun License qualification. Once they
are scheduled, information about classes, requirements, times, and fees will be posted on
the Calendar and Special Events pages. Class offerings depend on the level of interest, so
join and speak up!

7.) “Are work parties mandatory?”

No. We encourage all members to participate in work party activities because it helps the
Organization keep the membership dues lower, match fees lower, and builds a shared-
interest for national and international marksmanship.

8.) “Is the Organization a political organization?”

No. The STMTC is an IRS 501c3 tax exempt / tax deductible organization, organized for the
promotion of national and international marksmanship and as such it is primarily an
educational, armature athletic sport organization and is not political. Because a large
number of the marksmanship activities and competitive events are conducted by nationally
sanctioned organizations; the STMTC has an organization affiliation status (not a club)
affiliation with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Texas State Rifle Association
(TSRA), affiliation with the NRA and TSRA allows for the evaluation, selection and training of
marksman to participate in National and International events.

From time to time, we do provide information to our members about issues that effect the
interest of the organization or the marksmanship sport. Further, STMTC is concerned with
citizen rights and all of the rights in the Bill of Rights under the United States of America’s
Constitution. STMTC encourages everyone who enjoy the established freedoms associated
with shooting sports to join our organization.

We also work with IRS 501c3 organizations like the Friends of the NRA, the Civilian
Marksmanship Program, 4H, Boy Scouts. Civil Air Patrol, Texas Hunter Safety. Our members
are not solicited and our member list is kept confidential. and South Texas Marksmanship Training Center
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