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South Texas Marksmanship Training Center

To inquire about LTC classes or learn the schedule, call Fredd Bergman at 210-619-9340.

STMTC has members that conduct Licence To Carry courses for Texans. Some courses
conducted by our Instructors are adequate for license to carry standards for other states,
but we only conduct our carry courses in the geographic regions surrounding San Antonio,

Our License To Carry Instructors provide courses for retail price on routine basis. If you
work for a State of Texas or Federal government agency and require an LTC course or
courses for government employees, we might be able to assist you with a group rate. We, as
a 501c3, are willing to provide services to the community at large by deferring tax
expenditures and bridging gaps between government employees and State licensees.
These exceptions generally occur when Licence To Carry is needed for sensitive
government areas, and all or most employees within a given area are authorized to carry,
with necessary State licensing.

If you have a genuine organizational need, contact us and we will see if we can help. We aim
to help.